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Tent Rental In Minnesota

So you have a wedding coming up, or perhaps a graduation party, and you'd like to have it outdoors under a tent. What are your options, do you need chairs and tables, or just a tent? How do you go about planning a 'tent event'? I am the owner of a tent rental company here in Minnesota, and with my experience I have decided to write this article, which I hope will help you go about planning your Minnesota tent party, and will help you in figuring out your own Minnesota tent rental needs.

One of the biggest reasons to have your event in a tent is that you get ultimate customization of your event. You get to decide how big the room is and exactly how it looks like. You also get to choose from a variety of caterers and don't have to be locked into a single catering option, as you are usually forced to use the caterer provided by the event location. Although with this customization means that a lot more work is required, as YOU have to pick EVERYTHING! (I had my own wedding recently here in Minnesota, and while it was great, I can personally vouch for the stress the planning and rental can generate).

A good first step is to figure out how many people are attending the event, whether it be a wedding reception, graduation party, or whatever. For smaller events, renting a tent(s) sizing from 10x10 to 20x40 should work, as you can fit several tables and chairs underneath the tent. These kind of tents are good for parties of roughly 20-80 people. Tent Rental MN has a variety of smaller tents.

For larger parties or weddings, you'll be looking at renting a tent ranging from 40x40, 40x60, 40x80, or even larger than 40x100. (Here at tent rental MN we have as large as 40x80) Some can get as big as 60x100 +. These tents can service 100+ people. Choosing a tent also depends on your desire for personal space, as some people are fine with being close and cozy (as many people in Minnesota seem to be!), and could easily fit 140 people under a 40x40 tent, while others like more space, and would opt for a 40x80. You can also add sidewalls to your tent as well, thereby enabling air conditioning or heating for the inside of the tent.

After you've figured out your tent size, you need to figure out seating and event or wedding requirements. This will vary of course, depending on your event, as weddings would likely require renting a dance floor, while a graduation party would require just a few tables and chairs.

A wide variety of chairs can be choosen from the rental selection. You can go as simple as metal or plastic folding chairs (personally I think they are a little uncomfortable, yet at Tent Rental MN people often rent them), or you can go as elegant as cushioned chiavari chairs. Of course the price here varys, to as little as about $1.00 for a folding chair (Here in MN there are some listings for about $0.85), up to around 8-10 dollars for the cushioned chiavari chairs (beautiful for weddings). Plastic stackables are also a slightly more comfortable option that is cheap. Adding a polyester or satin cover adds a nice touch to the chair, and you can then add a colored sash for an added effect, or to even complement wedding colors! Think about a Minnesota lake blue color!

Generally for rental tables you can go with round or the traditional square banquet style. Round tables are generally either 5 foot (8 people) or 6 foot (10 people) and will rent for around 8-12 dollars a table. You can also rent tables of other sizes for standing bars, for the cake and/or for the gift table. You can add linens to your tables, and the linen rental can range in price from 6-15 dollars a linen, depending on its size. At Tent Rental MN the 6' tables are most popular.

If you want to jazz your party or wedding up a little, you can rent out a speaker system and a dance floor. Dance floor prices can vary a lot, as there is a wide variety in quality of dance floors. Some dance floors are flimsy and are only about a quarter inch thick, while others are sturdy 2-3 inch wood/aluminum pieces. You can go as small as 12x12 up to 25x25 and beyond! Minnesota rental prices for dance floors generally range from 150-600 dollars.

For tent lighting, C7 lighting around the perimeter of the tent is common, with globe lighting or paper lamp lighting hanging from above. Average lighting rental in Minnesota can range from $80-$500, and even higher for more elegant hanging lamp lighting.

Another decor option involves ceiling drapings. Rental for ceiling drapings in Minnesota is generally more than it should be, often costing around five hundred to thousands of dollars. I would recommend buying your own fabric and putting it up yourself. It will save hundreds of dollars and will help you preserve your wedding budget.

The last important thing to keep in mind for your tent event is climate control. Here in Minnesota it can get awfully hot in the summertime, so this is where tent air conditioning comes into play. I'll let you know right now, air conditioning is NOT cheap.. for a 40x80 tent it will cost you around 2,000 for the air conditioning unit, and then another 1,000 for the generator required to power the 20-25 ton ac unit!

Heating is a little cheaper, as you can rent a few heat lamps for around $100 each. For a Minnesota fall wedding, these are ideal. Tent Rental MN often does September, Octobor weddings.

Here concludes this article. It should provide a good starting point in helping you plan for your tent rental endeavor. This is Owen from Tent Rental MN, and I hope you enjoyed this article!