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Despite the name, EMU boots has nothing to do with the EMU birds. Not a single part of the boots are from the birds.

However, the boots and the birds are ugly in the same way. This may be the one connection between them. EMU boots are sheepskin boots, just like UGG boots. And they are as "ugly" as UGG boots too. They are made under the name of EMU Australia, which is an Australian company.

EMU boots are UGG boots

What? EMU boots are a kind of UGG boots? This may seem a little weird. But it is true. In Australia,the word UGG is a generic word instead of a brand name. It represents the kind of boots that are made of twin-face sheepskin with wool inside.

According to Wiki, in the year of 2006,the regulators in Australia ruled that

"UGG" is indeed a generic term and stated that it should be removed from the trademark register.

So, if you ask an Australian, Where can I buy a pair of UGG boots, he may ask you which UGG?

Should I buy EMU or UGG boots?

Technical speaking, there are NOT so much difference between those kind of boots. Same material, same manufacturing,same ugliness. All is the same. Except that they are label with different brand names (outside of Australia).

Their prices are of not much differences too. A pair of average UGG boots sell at around $140 and EMU at around $150. Both boots are being sold in Australia, US and Europe. So buying either one won't be a problem. My suggestion is that if you are not a brand follower then buy a pair of whichever you feel like. Both boots are of same softness and warmth to the feet.

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