Experience The Thrill Of Freedom Camping With A Hi

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Experience The Thrill Of Freedom Camping With A Hi

When you think of hiring a campervan in NZ there are numerous options readily available. Camping is a a popular activity in New Zealand which is why innumerable people opt for it each year. Freedom camping is a well-liked activity and you can enjoy it even more on a campervan holiday. To enjoy freedom camping to the utmost, you must ensure that the environment is safeguarded.On my freedom camping holiday I observed that New Zealand's North and South Islands are extensive and the country lives in close proximity to the coastline. The South Pacific Ocean lies on the east and the Tasman Sea lies on the west. The beaches have diverse sand depending on the places in New Zealand and on the beaches you will find large washed-out grainy sand, shells and black sand.With campervan hire in New Zealand you can go anywhere you want to. Freedom campers are essentially travellers who camp away from the standard camping areas. For a thrilling experience explore the diverse locations throughout New Zealand that permits this inimitable style of camping if you do not prefer the usual caravan parks and holiday parks on your vacation. There are lots of public camping spaces within New Zealand however some people favour camping in the rough country or any other place devoid of facilities or a park.When I opted for freedom camping with a Campervan New Zealand , I always camped in secure places. It is also important to ask the local people if you are permitted to camp out in certain spaces. You must enquire about how long you can possibly stay at a particular place as well as the laws in the region. When you go camping, ensure that you keep the place clean and do not leave something behind. The environment must necessarily be protected for people to enjoy unhindered freedom camping. The Department of Conservation handles around 250 sites all over New Zealand so there is no dearth of beautiful places to halt and camp out.I enjoy this inimitable style of freedom camping every year which was inspired by New Zealand's Maori culture. Prior to initiating your New Zealand campervan hire holiday, you must mull over the prospect of freedom camping and how you can benefit from it. Typically, without the confines of a campsite you can see a lot of places and do many things. On your next New Zealand hire campervan trip opt for freedom camping prior to staying in a holiday park. I think this is one of the best ways to see more of New Zealand's picturesque panorama than you normally would have.

On your campervan hire NZ holiday, there are countless places to discover in Picton. You must stopover at the Ecoworld Aquarium, the Picton Museum and the Edwin Fox Museum. Travel around the wineries in the region or play a rewarding game of mini golf. Relish the delicious seafood at any of the grand cafes and restaurants. There is a wonderfully friendly and peaceful ambiance in the picturesque town.With your campervan hire you can effortlessly explore Picton and there are lots of places to stay as well. All you have to do is to simply base your campervan at any one of the impressive holiday parks in Picton. There are lots of options and you can select from the Top 10 Holiday Park in Waikawa Road or the Buccaneer Lodge. You can also halt at any of the Holiday Parks such as Alexander's Holiday Park in the spectacular Essons Valley, Picton Campervan Park in Kemp Street, Waikawa Bay Holiday Park and Smiths Farm Holiday Park in Linkwater or Parklands Marina Holiday Park, depending on your requirements.If you would like to receive more information or send a booking enquiry, please email us at sales@rentacampervan.co.nz or call +64 (0)800 112 828 (New Zealand) or +65 (1)800 668 153 (Australia) or +64 (0)953 408 23 (International). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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