Do Not Purchase A Coleman 3room Family Dome Tent Before Read

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Do Not Purchase A Coleman 3room Family Dome Tent Before Read

Recently, while researching camping tents, I was shocked at the low price of the Coleman 3-room family dome tent. For me Coleman camping tents has always meant quality and guarantee, and I still feel that way, but you definitely need to do your homework before choosing which Coleman camping tent to buy.

Early into my investigations I found several poor reviews on just one of Coleman's camp tents. The Coleman 3-room family dome tent, although very reasonably priced on a budget looks to have the capabilities of letting people down, especially in extreme wet weather conditions. Another general complaint with this camping tent is the ventilation in intense heat, along with inadequate air-flow-through.

Many complaints have been made about how the seams on the Coleman 3-room dome tent leak. If you already own this tent, or are thinking of buying this model, then I suggest that you seal all the seams thoroughly and repeatedly, this is a camping tent that will require more than just one application of seam sealer. Do not apply another coat of sealent until the last coat is dry or things could get real messy. Another common complain was how camping gear was stored along the sides of the model of tent. Of course in a perfect world we would never over pack our tent, but because it does happen quite frequently my suggestion is to also apply a number of applications of weatherproofing spray, once again be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before the next coat is applied. This may not completely stop your tent from leaking, but I know it will slow it down considerably. Also try not to let anything inside the Coleman camping tent touch the walls, this will cut down on a large percentage of moisture getting through.

The Coleman camping tent poles was another frequent problem reported with this model of tent. They become brittle and splinter over a short period of uses. Most of these complaints came within the four year period, or approximately 10 uses. I would suggest finding replacement poles for the Coleman 3-room family dome tent before taking this model tent camping. At least do a price check on the poles and be prepared for needing them in the near future. If possible I would advise finding aluminum replacement poles, as they last much longer and have far fewer problems with stability and weather wear.

During hot weather, many have complained that this Coleman tent has weak air flow and inadequate ventilation. As with any camping tent, this obviously caused condensation on the inside of the camp tent. Unfortunately this is just poor design and there is not much you can do about it. Another irreparable design flaw is the size of the 3 rooms; they are not large enough to fit a queen-sized air mattress. For those of us that don't like to "rough it" quite that dramatically, this could be a turning point in deciding whether this Coleman camping tent is the right model for us.

Despite the bad reviews on the Coleman 3-room family dome tent, I still love Coleman camping tents and believe they are typically of high quality. The Coleman 3-room family dome tent is the only Coleman product I have found negative reviews on, so I am willing to forgive them this one slight error, and I just wanted any buyers or owners to know the results of my investigation. Whether you already own this tent, or are buying this model, Hopefully I have provided you with some good information that may save you some money.