Choosing The Right Lantern For Your Camping Style

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Choosing The Right Lantern For Your Camping Style

You don't realise how much you need something until you have to go without it. This statement is so true when it comes to your lighting arrangements for your camping trip. Two main requirements for camp lighting are for them to have an easily obtainable source of fuel and it needs to be durable.

There are heaps of styles, designs and types of fuel source to make your selection from so choosing one that's right for your situation shouldn't be a problem. Below is a compilation of the different styles of camping lanterns available along with thier various strengths and weaknesses.

Gas Lanterns

The gas lantern is by far the best method of getting the brightest light in your campsite. The flame burns clean and can even provide a bit of heat which is an advantage if you like to camp in the cooler months. Never leave your lit gas lantern unattended. The flame burns hot and could cause a fire if tipped over. Also, little ones like to touch bright shiny things so they could get burnt fingers if you're not careful.

Kerosene Lanterns

You can get kerosene lamps as the pressure variety or the wick variety. Due to the way they work and through the use of a mantle the pressure lamp is able to produce the brightest light out of the two types. Advantages of kerosene lamps as camping lights are it's easy to get fuel for them and they are cheap. Wicks are cheap and readily available. A major disadvantage is that they can cause fires if they are tipped over. Never leave a burning kerosene lamp unattended .

Butane Lanterns

Butane lanterns make excellent camping lights for backpackers. They provide quite a bit more light than a torch for an equivalent size and weight. Despite there small size they put out quite a generous amount of illumination. It is possible to purchase a butane lamp that produces the equivalent amount of light to a 60W globe.

Battery Powered Lamps

The battery powered lantern is probably the safest form of camp light on the market. As there is no flame there is little to no chance of a fire. You also don't need to transport dangerous flammable materials. One of the greatest things about battery powered lamps is that there are solar powered 12 volt versions available. You can then charge your lantern up via the car 12 volt socket or with a solar panel. Originally a major disadvantage of battery powered lights was the fact that they could not produce as much light as gas or butane powered lanterns. L.E.D's or light emitting diodes are slowly changing that as they can produce very bright light with minimal power usage and hardly any heat output.

Solar Camping Lantern

Rechargeable batteries are great when you have the means to recharge them but what if you are in the middle of nowhere and you don't have a 12 volt charger for your car. Getting a solar camping lantern could solve your problem. Some models come with the abililty to charge up your mobile phone.

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