Camping With Poly Tarps

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Camping With Poly Tarps

There are many instances when camping with tarps can be both beneficial and save you money in this article we will look at some of the uses for poly tarps, and hopefully give you some new ideas as well.

Camping with poly tarps: Hiking Often times while hiking people are trying to figure out ways to cut down on weight. Tarps have two main uses for hiking a ground sheet and as a tent. By carrying a length of rope and a small tarp with each person it is easy to construct a tent when the weather is bad or it is cold outside. Using tarps for tents can weigh less than half the weight of a regular tent and they are more compact. When the weather is nice and you want to sleep under the stars a tarp also makes a nice ground sheet, saving your sleeping bag from possibly getting any holes or tears in it.

Camping with poly tarps: Covering equipment When camping it's always handy to have something to cover exposed equipment with. Often time's people need to keep something out of the rain or cover it from the sun a poly tarp is perfect for this use. By taking a poly tarp and throwing it over what you want to protect and putting rocks around the edges you have an instant and inexpensive shelter.

Camping with poly tarps: Hunting When hunting people like to use what are called blinds. Blinds hide the hunter from the bird or animal that they are hunting. The nice thing about poly tarps is they can be purchased in different shades and colors so that they can blend in with the type of terrain that you are hunting in. An added plus for using poly tarps for hunting is that they can be moved easily.

Camping with poly tarps: Setting up a sun screen for your family When camping no one wants to stay in a tent all day but no one wants to stay in the sun either. Poly tarps can make it easy to make a shelter from the sun, weather you construct a frame out of natural material or you decide to make a frame out of PVC pipe, using a poly tarp is a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars for a sun shade.

After your camping trip is over you can use a poly tarp to cover your camp trailer or your boat. By keeping your trailer or boat covered the suns harmful rays won't be able to break down their good looks and your equipment will last for years.

Poly tarps are light weight and can be bought in many different colors weather to blend in with the terrain that you are in or to stand out, a poly tarp can serve all your covering needs. Weather you are covering up the wood pile or your camping equipment at home or making a do it your self tent in the forest you can't go wrong with a poly tarp.


Author Bob Page has worked in the poly tarps industry for over twenty five years and during that time has built up a wealth of knowledge of the tarpaulin industry.Bob can contacted at Tarps-ToGo tel :239 919 2923 email or vsit the web site at